Sunday, January 17, 2010

I completed the first block of "Bouquet" BOM by Jenny at Elfantz. I just love how easy her designs are to recreate. Her pattern is flawless of error and the design line is intricate enough to give excitement to the piece but not so much that you get burdened down. I have include the link to the pattern on my sidebar.

I don't know about anyone else but I love to zoom through my projects. I like to complete it in a day. I guess that shows in my capacity to complete so many little quilts. The problem with the little quilts is I only have so much room on the walls!

I spent last week sorting my quilts by holiday and season. This will make it so much easier to pull them out. I was surprised at how many I really have completed. I do need some more summer quilts. I am thinking lots of white and pastels, maybe some sand colors and blue sea glass. I have never been to a blue ocean beach so don't really know how to visualze it. I have only been to the California Coast line which I adore. I would love to see some tropical beaches in the future.

My Annie has been hit bad with a bug. I have spent the past two days tending to her. She seems to be perkier tonight after a good warm dinner of rice and turkey. We took Midget and Seven for a walk between bursts of rain. They had a wonderful time as the park was all theirs(No Kids today) They ran all over the fields and Midge was so proud to be off the leash. She was just prancing along the pathway like the queen in procession! Have I mentioned how I love them so.

Today I discoved Flicker and was able to download a picture of my Noahs Ark quilt. Oh boy have I got more to share. Have a wonderful Stitchy day, Patty