Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Beginnings

Grab my button and link belowI am going to make this jelly roll quilt. It is a mystery to me now but I think it will be fun to join in with some other ladies, who knows maybe I will make some new friends.

 I am working frantically on getting Ana's quilt done before her graduation. So proud of her and she can take it home with her when she returns to the Philippines and her family. She can wrap herself up and get a hug from me whenever she needs one.

Made Jenny a quilt for her college graduation from
 University San Francisco. It was a very exciting

ceremony held at Candlestick Park.
We got a tour of the 49er locker room and a chance to throw the football on the field!

                                  Touch Down!!!!

Waiting for my friend Jenn to deliver baby number 9.

This one is a girl and can't wait to meet her. Made her a sweet quilt naming it Princess and the Pea. Jenn is hanging it up in the nursery for color.