Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5 of the New Year!

So many new and exciting BOM are starting up this week. I don't know about everyone else but I am still working on last years. Sometimes I feel like I am scrambling around trying to get them all done before someone pulls the rug out from under me and says "Times UP". Why I got it in my head that its a race against myself I will never understand. I am going to work on one of last years BOM as a BOW.(block of the week) In fact I am going to name it my BOW-WOW because I can stand back and Say WOW when its complete. Sounds like a plan!

I finally figured out how to get my photos on my blog so I am sharing my Veranda View designed by Cheryl of Willowberry Design inwhich she shared so graciously last year as a BOM for free. I think it is stunning and put it up on my wall New Years Eve when I completed it. Thanks again Cheryl for such a wonderful pattern. It was a thrill to make.

Willowberry Design has a new BOM  called under the sea. It looks adorable. I am going to make it just because it looks so darn cute. Someone very lucky will end up with it someday. I have plenty of time to figure out who that will be as the months pass. The link is on my sidebar. How cool is that.

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