Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Let me share with you the wonderful Valentine Quilt and goodies I recieved from today from  my swap Partner Nikki Rainey. I signed up for Pat Sloan's Rockin Sweethearts Swap  http://www.deathbyquilting.com/ and was matched up with Nikki.           Nikki's website is  http://www.nikkittyquilts.com/ take a look and see the beautiful work she does.

 Nikki lives currantly in Georgia but being an Army wife she is relocting this summer to Colorado. While trying to pack up, sort through and sell her home she managed some time for me! I was thrilled to open the package the postman left on my door step today to find so many yummy goodies (not just the chocolate ones). Nikki surprised me with not only the delightful quilt shown here (note its already on my wall) but an assortment of chocolates, fabrics with pattern kits and sticky notes and stickers. she even included an audio book for me to enjoy so I will have to move the cd player in my quilt room.
The cutest things can be found in small boxes. I opened up the checkered one that was enclosed and it is a kit already to go including the buttons to make a sweet libery Angel. How did she know I am a patriotic girl!
I can't wait to dig in to my treasures.

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