Friday, January 8, 2010

My Furbabies

Annie is my sweet 15year old Cocker Spaniel. She is a lovelyl old girl with a easy going temperment. She loves anybody and everbody. She is especially fond of those who bear gifts fo food! She loves to eat, sleep and just hang out. She can always be found sleeping right under my feet. She has been my sewing buddy and the hum of the sewing machine just sings her to sleep.

Midget is my little baby dog. She is a one and a half year old Pachini! For those who dont' quite know what that is I will break it down for you. Papion, Dachsand, Chihua mix.She came into my life at just the perfect time. She makes me laugh and gets me up and on my toes. She is very much a daddy's girl though and I must admit I am jealous at times. On a positvie note he keeps her busy so I can get some stitching done. She lets me dress her up which full feels my need to design clothes! She is long and lean thus requires custom outfits.

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