Sunday, January 15, 2012

Its a Sewing kind of Day!

Oh what a great day it is so far. The low pressure front that moved in makes all the cold and dry go away and the air feels good. I have been sewing today in my swept up room and having a nice time. Got two UFO tops done.
This is from and she did a 12 days of Christmas sew along tutorial which I enjoyed. Small projects take so little time and the end result of satisfaction is the same. I used some scrap civil war fabrics, just love there yummy warmness. I have been drawn to these types of fabrics for many years back when calico's where still the rage. In researching my genealogy I have discovered some wonderful civil war veterans in my family and I guess that's the connect. Its all in the DNA.

My second finished top is a small whimsical farm that I got off of another blog, and she did a cute BOM which introduced my to adding color to my embroidery. I never saw her end project so I just added a little bit and wella, Its done.

 Now to go layer, baste and quilt them before Feb 11th. That is the day of a sewing/potluck get together and I would love to do the binding there. I love that kind of project to work on in a group setting so I can yak and stitch to my hearts content without making boo boos.

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