Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2012! It will be a very good year, can already feel it. I hope to get in as much sewing time in as possible. Also I am planning on starting some long over due projects along with some new ones. I love the BOM programs that start each year but I tend to putter out part way through. I am going to try to be as organized as possible. Please family..... No distractions like last year! LOL.

My first distraction was not having my son home for almost 5 months. He was in Oklahoma getting certified as an air traffic controller, than when he got home it was new adventures for him in getting him moved into an apartment and settled. (Third floor no elevator) But it got done and no sooner did I dust of my moving duds and put away my paint brush when the baby says " I am moving to Colorado" Ugh. I found myself an empty nester 2011. So she packed up, moved and I revamped her room so I have a wonderful spa like oasis for anyone to stay in! (Yep she has been home to enjoy it) My third child the oldest turned 31 which is hard to believe. she is still living life as a wondering Gypsy and I pray for her each day that she will find her way home again.

 My little man "Buddy" and I have spent a year getting acquainted, Its a love hate relationship, I love him he hates me! LOL. I should have known on the first day a year ago when I kissed him on his nose and he growled that It was going to be a one sided relationship.  Midget hates him so I guess we are all even! I should probably keep a journal about Buddy the polka dotted dog and his adventures.

Well enough of this and back to stitching!

Happy New Year

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