Sunday, March 11, 2012

OK its done! yahoo for me and the wall! I am so happy with how this turned out and I am pleased with it on my wall. Quite a few people who have seen it expressed desire to own it so I had best keep my eye on it or it may grow feet and walk out the door!

This is a close up of the top left side. The colors blend nicely with my wall color and furniture. I am so jazzed to make another.
Don brought home a wonderful freebie from the side of the road today.
Whoot Whoot!

 I love the idea of a baby changing table being turned into a quilt rack/holder. This is just the one that I wanted two changers ago! Yep I now have 3, I will use one in the closet to hold blankets and sheets because we don't have a linen closet. That will work out great.

I have been busy getting ready for the next holiday, Easter and I can't wait for the Bunny to bring me a marshmallow egg covered with milk chocolate, Yum.........I have jelly beans in the candy dish for whoever needs a quick sugar fix.

This is a little garland that I made. Very Primative but I like it. I think it goes well with my willow hat rack which has never seen a hat on it! LOL.  I think I will make another one but with bears on its instead, I love bears and it would be cute in the living room where all the bears live.

Ok, if you look close you will see the little felt dog I made while watching T.V. Isn't he darling. I wanted to try something new and it was enjoyable to do.

 I just love to put my feet up in front of the Television with some hand sewing.

My rack has served me well too!

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