Monday, March 14, 2011

Its All Good!

Well after a very long fall/winter season of doing nothing but work work work, I quit work. I just could not handle the stress and the harrassment I was enduring. The hours were long, the shifts very unrealistic and I have been in such pain in my ankles due to falling off a ladder. Enough was enough and I have realized that my hubby, my children and my health are what I should be focusing on. I have enough quilting fabric hoarded into my little quilt room that I could go on the buried alive hoarding show! So the focus is life and living it.

I plan to clean up my quilting room, prioritize my projects and get organized. I will spend one day a month going to a natural place such as the beach and just relax. I am going to work with my Buddy and get him trained. He is the most out of control pup in the world and needs some love and attention. I love him to death and just can't wait until he minds me better.

Leonard is Oklahoma since December 10th. He is doing the required training for his job with the FAA. He is currantly 96% in his class. Yippee.He will be home in 6 weeks. I can't wait cause I miss him so much.  This picture of him is in the Dallas Stadium two weeks ago. He and some fellow classmates drove to Dallas for the weekend and had fun seeing the sites.
Christina is busy with school. Here she is with my brother Joe on the whale watching boat out of Santa Cruz. We had so much fun. The whole family went on this trip to celebrate my sister Linda's 50th birthday. It is something that she had wanted to do and everyone surprised her. The whales were really neat and they put on a great show.
So this is my update and plan to keep posting my successes in my quilting room!

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