Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

My darling son Leonard has finally got the phone call he has been waiting for since he left the Marine Corp 2 years ago. The FAA called and they have a spot for him in class December 10th in Oklahoma City. Yipee! Don and I are thrilled to say the least and it will be such a relief to see him finally working in his chosen career. He was already hired by the Oakland airport so thats good news that he will still be close to home. The young man is destined to see the world one way or another!
I have been working so much at my job since May that I really have no time or energy to do much of anything. Don had a disability this summer that lasted almost three months and that took its toll on the family. Happy to report that all is well once again and he is back to work and feeling good.
Christina has been preoccupied with work and school and we are lucky to see her on her way in or out! She will be 21 this year, my how time speeds by when the kids get older.
Mahria..... still no news on her. I just pray each day she is happy and well without her family. She is such a free spirted young woman and will flutter until she finds just the right spot to land. I believe that my energy is sent to her across the heavens, it has to because it is energy from love. Pure unconditional mommy kind!
So I managed to work into my schedule a trip to the Pacific International Quilt show and had a great day. I was by myself which was hard because I always go with Cathy and we just work ourselves into a frenzy of good fun. We did get to go together on the last day and it was quiet, and the people were rather testy! I always thought quilty people were the kindest, most loving of sorts but I was proven wrong and my bubble was popped! I won't be wearing Rose colored glasses to a quilt show again and I will hold on tighter to my wallet! I am sticking to my online shopping. Proves wonderful and fullfilling! Shhhhh just don't let Don know!
Ok so I am off to work on something quilty and I will be back. I promise. Hugs to all, Patty

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