Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Did You Do Today!

Pouring down rain, freezing tempatures, day off from work! That was not all that consumed my day today, My dear Hubby had a blast in the garage building his new handy dandy BBQ. I swear to God when it comes to him I have my own "Tool Time Guy".

 In 21 years of marriage the man hasn't proudly posed for a picture without an arguement since his wedding day to me, but today all that changed when he was asked to pose for the camera with his new love interest...... The BBQ.

OK so the man knows zip about the internet, can't turn on a computor doesn't even know how to look up a number on his cell phone but He purchases online all by himself without my knowledge this monstrosity of a BBQ. His Hot Rod Grill! I could have had a new sofa for what this damn thing cost. (You don't want to know) So folks when you come for a visit bring something to sit on and we will watch the BBQ spew smoke out the pipes while he revs up his grilll!

 Our neighbor next door encouraged him to get it built saying that he wins the
"Macho Man of the Block" award! 

So check out the pictures of his new love interest and get a good giggle. I wouldn't be surprised if I wake up during the night and he has it moved into the bedroom!

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