Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

oh what a wonderful day. I slept in with my puppy dog Midge to start. Got up, dressed and packed for a day at the beach. At noon we were headed over 92 to the coast with temps rising to 100. When we got to the top of skyline the temp dropped 20 degrees, so you know the beach was great. I had such a great time basking in the glorious sun with my behind planted firmly in the sand. I went into the surf and it was totally devine. I waited a whole year for this. Don packed a nice lunch eaten by the three of us. Midge had a blast, not crazy for the surf part but running on the sand and the cool air made her do donuts in the sand. She met some other nice dogs and enjoyed her jerky treats. Don was suave cool and sophistacate while trying to pee in the cold pacific ocean. He was to cute for words. We came home, showered and dressed for dinner. Headed to Elephant Bar with Leonard, Christina and Adrianna. It was a scrumptous meal followed with ice cream sundaes! Yeah for the ice cream sundae part. After wards I enjoyed a quiet evening catching up on some stitiches, laudry and email. Zeek surprised me by comming in and snatching the kitchen mouse right in front of me. Seems we have more than one mouse in the house. The first one was caught in Christina's room. That one Don named Mickey, the one in the kitchen is ratatoli!

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