Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday night ramblings

Happy Saturday! Well wouldn't you know it, I planned for a day of stress free quiet sewing and I woke with a Migraine. I finished the embroidery of my Noah's Ark blocks. Need to square up and sew on the logs. I made 1st block for the harmony Village BOM, I cut out my fabs for Veranda Views, grimms fairytales and wonky houses, then assembled the flosses and made up my take along kits. I am ready for movie watching with the hubby now. Midge and Seven got into my Boyds bears collection and had their way with two of my bears. It was hard to scold them because all I had to do was pick up the bears and they both slinked off with ears down and tushies tucked! Having three dogs in the house is no different than having three children, they each want your full attention now, each have their own attitudes when it comes to wanting them to do what you want and they are easily excited over the littlest thing.

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